Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a long strange trip it's been...

Today is my one year camiversary on MFC! I cannot begin to express the love
and appreciation I feel for all my loyal friends that have stuck it out(and in) with me
on such a crazy journey.I have experienced many crazy things this past year and i would like to share just a few with you

team broke- within my first week on cam i met some members of the mfc
club "team broke" They would come into my room and tip me to put my clothes
back on! This drove a lot of the boys crazy and caught me off guard. That was the
 beginning of my no public nudity, fuck you attitude. Thank you Team broke, for
reminding me I'm not JUST a hot piece of ass, there is an awesome person behind
this vagina!

The burping Private- Now keep in mind when i first started camming, i had no idea
there were so many fetishes and terms. someone once asked me if i did ATM and
i asked him why he needed a bank machine. The burping Private was my first
different and fun fetish private. I got a message for the request and i was super
excited to try it! The show consisted of me chugging Pepsi max and trying to burp.
I never thought my bad table manners would one day give someone a hard on.

Popeye Arm - Now this was definitely the most challenging week to
masturbate! I had gotten my sleeve extended down past my elbow and my arm
swelled up so bad i could not bend it. it was twice as thick as my other arm and wow..
was it hard to diddle myself! for those of you that took me for a gimpy prvt, you
are some sick twisted fucks. i love you.

Top 20 - One year ago the prestigious "top 20" was unreachable. I thought Leo was
laundering money with Romanian's  and that's that.  Turns out if you have enough
people who believe in you, cheer you on, and give u a ridiculous amount of tokies
anything is possible! Unfortunately i cannot be online for longer than 4 hours a day
and no longer on weekends. But I owe a big thank you to everyone who helped me
peek in and say hello to the "top girls" those few times we made it up there

Vegas - This was my first trip anywhere! and what an experience!! I was very lucky
to be able to go with Violet420. She is the most laid back, lovable, sexy
stoner chick i have met! I will also give a special thanks to JoJo for making our trip
so easy, fun and stress free. I got to meet all of my favorite models and made some
genuine friends. Another special thanks to ClassicPin for being such an amazing girl.
When I was having an emotional day you were there to give me lovins.
Meeting fans and friends was by far the best part. A few of my friends that have
stuck it out with me for a long time came out just to meet me. This makes me feel
special beyond belief.  

Thank you for all of your support,now lets just hope my vagina can make it another year.
Jessica xo

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Well here goes nothing!!

I finally have my own blog site!!

I am very excited to have somewhere to share my fucked up thoughts and feelings!
I always loved reading up on TJHEARTS blog and i thought, hey! maybe someone will give a poop what I'm up to as well!! 
I will start posting more once i figure out how the eff to work this thing =)

Jessica xo